Sam Zherka Says to Improve Life Of The Community With Volunteer Work!

In the digital age, a serious problem plaguing most societies is many people lack the motivation to go the extra mile when it comes to performing volunteer work. What these individuals do not realize is that it does not take much time and effort to help other members in their community who are less fortunate than they are. In fact, many experts in the field of education hold the view that the governing boards of local schools should take the initiative to introduce some kind of community service for their students. In many cases, these youngsters continue to participate in such programs as they become older and more mature as it offers them the opportunity to give something back to their community.

Sam Zherka , an individual from the United States with a keen interest in volunteer work, says people perform such tasks for the following reasons:

  • A chance to help others

Volunteering offer people the opportunity to help those who are less fortunate than other members of their community are. In many cases, these individuals carry out such tasks willingly even with the knowledge that they will get no remuneration for their endeavors. They say it helps them bring about a positive difference in their societies and this is what motivates them.

  • Connects people

People who take part in volunteer work whenever they get the time explain that it connects them with other individuals in their community or society. They say even by providing assistance in the smallest endeavors go a long way in helping them make new friends, enhance their network and improve their social skills.

  • Keep the body and mind healthy

Individuals who perform volunteer work state that such endeavors help them to counteract negative emotions like anger, bitterness, stress, apprehension and anxiety. This is because the social connection of working with other people and assisting them has as intense effect on their psychological well-being.

  • Enhance the self-confidence of the participant

People who go out of their way to perform volunteer work for others in their community experience a sense of achievement in making a positives difference in their lives. Such endeavors offer the participator with a new identity and self-pride.

  • Gives a sense of purpose

For individuals who have recently retired from their jobs or lost a near and dear one, volunteer works gives them a new purpose to their lives. Regardless of the age, social status and life-situation, such endeavors go a long way diverting their mind off such worries. Moreover, such work can stimulate their mental health and give them a new zeal to life.

  • Advance a person’s career

Volunteering work offers youngsters are in schools and colleges to try their hand in a new career without having to make any long-term commitments. This gives them the opportunity to gain necessary experience in a new field. For instance, if a woman volunteer shows interest in nursing, she can provide help to the staff in a hospital.

Sammy Zherka , go on to say that volunteer work can go a long way improving societies and lives of people performing such endeavors.