Filling Job Openings in This Day and Age: How to Find Top-Notch Talent


Today’s businesses invest incredible amounts of time and money into recruiting and training initiatives in an effort to keep up with the times, but even the most prudent business owners have failed to recognise a somewhat disturbing development in the global employment landscape.

Vocational Tenures are Plummeting

Contrary to popular belief, the average job tenure across the globe is dropping like a lead balloon. Take a brief moment to look at the age-based figures shown below:

Age Group Average Job Tenure
All groups above the age of 25 Five and a half years
Between 25-34 in particular Three years
Forthcoming generation; ages 20-24 Less than 16 months

These figures are shocking to say in the least, especially when taking into account the fact that businesses around the world spend upwards of 3,300 pounds per hire on recruiting expenditures alone. However, the reason for this inequitable disparity can be explained through the quantity over quality concept in which firms cast wide recruiting nets with no targeted focus on the actual worth or merit of each individual candidate. As a result, companies tend to struggle with less-than-adequate talent pools and absurdly short tenures on a regular basis, which effectively strains recruiting budgets and restricts companies from confidently pushing forth into the 21st century.

Dealing with the Issue

Of course, you can take a step back and reassess your recruiting, hiring, and training protocols with your in-house management team, but it’s far wiser to outsource this undertaking to a reputable recruitment company instead. Whether you wish to work with private wealth recruiters or retail employment experts, it’s worth noting that recruitment process outsourcing (RPO) services represent one of the fastest-growing industries in the entire world.

By establishing a tight-knit relationship with an RPO service, you’ll essentially be transferring your in-house recruiting and hiring processes to a third party that specialises in this particular arena. However, due to the fact that the global employment landscape is extremely dense, complex, and multifaceted, there are a seemingly infinite number of self-proclaimed RPO services to choose from in this day and age, which is why it’s so important to ensure that you’re partnering with the right one from the beginning.

Picking with the Best Consulting Team

The most renowned RPO firms tend to feature patented recruitment processes and unique database management protocols, both of which allow these companies to facilitate effective hiring practices regardless of the specific niche or sector in question. As such, you should place the brunt of your focus on finding RPO firms that have demonstrated high success rates across multiple economic segments, ranging from banking and manufacturing all the way to life sciences and telecommunication since versatility and adaptability are the primary calling cards of any successful recruitment entity.

As you begin creating a shortlist of the best-rated RPO firms, you’ll want to highlight the organisations that have extensive experience with handling executive searches, talent mapping, market analysis, and employment assessments across a wide array of industries. This will allow you to properly vet each organisation through a results-oriented lens, which will help alleviate some of the trepidation and anxiety associated with shifting your recruitment processes to a third party.