Drones and the U.S.Army


The inclusion and involvement of the unmanned aerial vehicles, better known as drones into the army of the United State has raised a lot of brows and questions. The replacement of the humans with mere robots or mini computers is what made the authorities raise their questions. They did not find it absolutely necessary to employ non-living creatures for this job.

The humans are always at a danger of losing their jobs to these drones as they are constantly being upgraded. The researchers are endeavoring to make them even more efficient and in fact their aim is to make these drones self sufficient. In other words the drones are being made in such a way that they would no longer require a human operator even remotely. The attempt to make them think logically is what will bring that change within these drones.

Megabite Electronics is a company that has been manufacturing as well as supplying defense equipments to the U.S. military and navy for ages, it is from the blogs of this company that you get a hint of how these drones are going to change the way in which the world operates today. These blogs mention the drones as the world’s next technological wonder.

The logical program of the drones will help them analyze a particular situation, find out its target and then kill it. These they will carry on doing until the time they are satisfied that no more targets are left. Another development that is trying to be made to these drones is the ability to record the combat, go to the military base, refuel by themselves and again return to the scene of combat.

There is immense potential in these drones and they do not pose as a threat to the humans in terms of losing their job. On the contrary, there are few points that the peacemakers have put down to counter answer the fears of the people.

The first argument that these peacemakers put forward is that the issue of putting human life at risk is completely eliminated.  The second is that since these drones are computer programmed their efficiency is of ace quality, and this is what makes the drones assisted warfare much better than the humans. Civilians are at no risk of losing their lives as a part of the collateral damage, as are the other important structures of the society.

Since the accuracy of these drones is par excellence, the collateral damage is much less as would have been in a human warfare. The military has been greatly benefited by the inclusion of the drones and there is no doubt that the world will only benefit from these drones and not lose anything in the bargain.

It is no wonder that these drones are being considered to be one of technology’s greatest contributions to the society. Megabite Electronics confirm that these are not just being used in the army but slowly every other field of work is going to employ these little winged robots to make their life and work easier.